Welcome to the Cavatica!

"The others sing this song of Light and Dark. We, together, have transcended such unimaginative limitations."
~~~ Unknown

The Cavatica operates out of the Sal’kiir system using the Kincardine station as a home point.

The versatility of the Nova class was what made the Cavatica a perfect ship for this region. She was able to take on scientific/exploration; which included scouting missions if/and when conflict erupted, and diplomatic assignments.

Their missions would keep them within the Sal’kiir system but every once and while the Cavatica would venture out a little pass the Sal’kiir system.

Latest News Items

» Moving

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 2:40am by Commander Oller sh'Faila in General News

The Cavatica well be leaving Kincardine station starting Monday the 22nd. This'll give this weekend and all of next week for character development meeting the crew.

So anything you wanna log that's non-duty or duty related must be done between now and the 22nd. I'll also be doing a simple briefing log and I'll get that starter out shortly.

Latest Mission Posts

» SD241810.10 || Joint Duty Log sh'Faila/Wallace-Shaw || "Something Slightly Different"

Mission: New Management
Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 3:08am by Lieutenant Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Commander Oller sh'Faila

Sighing as she walked into her ready room still not believing that she had her own command. Yes she like every cadet or officer in Starfleet dreamed of having their own command one day. As she walked in she picked up a presence, "please identify yourself?" Oller asked softly but…

» SD241809.10 || Joint Duty Log sh'Faila/Snow || "A Snowy Greeting"

Mission: New Management
Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 1:16am by Commander Oller sh'Faila & Lieutenant Lily Snow PhD

Emily was at her desk looking over some reports coming in from the station mostly updates on some of the upgrades when the door swished open. "Hello. Can I help you?"

Lily stepped into the office. Her longish white hair was pulled back into a professional bun, as she wore…

» SD241809.07 || Joint Log sh'Faila/Darkshadow || "Your First Assignment"

Mission: New Management
Posted on Mon Oct 8th, 2018 @ 5:23am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Y'anna Darkshadow & Commander Oller sh'Faila

Oller's quarters were also being retrofitted to make it easier on Oller. As effective as her antennas were she was still technically blind. It was more open and most of the furniture was off to the side leaving middle of the quarters open giving her the ability to walk without…

» SD 241808.30 || JP VAdm Stanton & Cmdr sh'Faila || "You Now Get to have a Yeoman"

Mission: New Management
Posted on Sat Sep 29th, 2018 @ 1:48am by Commander Oller sh'Faila & Vice Admiral Sadie Stanton

Oller had just stepped off the transport when a NCO in a red collar approached her, "commander sh'Faila?" He asked in a soft tone.

"Yes." Oller said her opaque eyes looked in his general direction seeing more of a outline/aura/essence or whatever the doctors were calling her third sight. "How…